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Percy and Cedric - Cottage- Complete

On The Mend
Afternoon ~ Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Percy walked slowly from the bathroom back to the couch. He was under strict instructions from his doctor to only do as much as his body felt capable of. Yes, it was all right to move about since that was how he'd gain his strength back, but too much would make recovery time longer. One week at home, resting. No work. No stress. No worries. After a week, he could return to work but it would likely be on a truncated day, slowly increasing his duties back to normal. He three different medications to take on time and was to eat what foods his stomach felt like he could handle.

Once back at the couch he sat down and looked around in his blankets for the book he had been reading. After finding it he looked up to see Cedric was watching him. Percy gave him a smile, "Not ready to play Quidditch quite yet."

Cedric was worried. He knew he probably shouldn't be any more, not now that Percy was home and he could keep an eye on him. Perhaps it was because he wasn't used to seeing Percy this weak, lacking energy and the sheer life that seemed to spill out of him normally, especially when he was playing. Now it seemed like Percy could barely manage ten steps before he needed to stop moving. He was glad now he'd told Elise and Hamilton not to expect him back for at least a week and a half or so. He got the feeling that getting Percy to rest once he started feeling a little better would be a challenge.

"Hungry?" he asked. It was almost time for him to take his medicine again, and he knew Percy should eat before he took them.

"I could go for a small snack, yes. I'm mostly thirsty though. I seem to be drinking water like it's going out of style." Percy replied honestly. He felt a bit odd asking Cedric for something as simple as getting something from another room. Then again, if their rolls were reverse, Percy would have a hard time resisting putting binding charms of Cedric to make certain he stayed put and got rest. He felt much better. Now that the fever and pain was gone his mind and sense of humor had returned. Intellectually he knew his body was tired as it spent its energy fighting the infection. It didn't help that his mind was well enough to work at full capacity but his body wasn't.

"Thank you, for volunteering to take care of me," Percy said softly

One brow arched and Cedric shook his head. Did he expect me to do something else? Leave him to take care of himself? "What do you want to eat?" he asked instead of verbalizing his thoughts.

"Fruit if we have any." Percy thought he ought to try and make the best of it. "Maybe I should look at this as an opportunity instead of a forced convalescence. There are plenty of books to read. I can write a bit of music or work on unsolved arithmetical puzzles. One definite positive is that I will get to spend more time with you."

Cedric smiled and nodded. "Books first. Less energy that way," he suggested. Less movement too, but Percy would figure that out on his own. "I'll be right back."

He headed into the kitchen, glad he'd done the shopping the day before. The icebox was stocked and there was plenty of choice. He pulled down a plate and filled it with sliced apple, melon, grapes; anything he thought might tempt Percy into eating more. Whatever he didn't eat could always go back into the fridge and be eaten later. he poured a glass of lemonade, hoping that would help quench Percy's thirst, and a larger glass of water, set it all on a tray he transfigured from another dish, and headed back into the living room to set the tray on Percy's lap.

"I'm being spoiled." Percy grinned as he selected some melon and just enjoyed feeling the cool sweet liquid on his tongue. He looked up at Cedric and found himself at a bit of a loss for what to say. Apologizing for getting sick sounded idiotic. No one intentionally got sick and he had done what was right. As soon as things looked more serious then a normal cold he went for professional help. He already thanked Cedric for being here. He shifted a bit in his seat as he drank some of of the lemonade. He felt the familiar tickle in the back of his throat and grabbed a tissue. He proceeded to cough up a storm, so hard he nearly threw up. Once what was in his throat was out he tossed the tissue in the garbage.

"I feel awkward." Percy said. Sometimes he found it was best to just confess how he felt out loud. It made him clarifies it as well as help him realize why.

Curious, Cedric looked up from his notes. Just because he was at home didn't mean he couldn't work. "Why?"

Percy shifted in his seat and frowned. "I... I guess it's because the one thing I want to say is the one thing I made a promise to myself not to say. Not until you made up your mind."

Cedric just managed to not flinch. He had been thinking about it, just not so much while Percy was in the hospital. "I can sit somewhere else if I'm making you uncomfortable. Or I can have someone else sit with you." The last thing he wanted was for Percy to feel like he had to censor his words, and maybe if he weren't around, it would be easier for Percy.

"No! No, don't go." Percy replied feeling his cheeks flame up. "If you leave it will just be even more awkward later when you are here. Better to be here now so it will pass quicker. I'll just read my book now. Forget I said anything."

Cedric sighed and ran a hand through his hair; making bits of it stand on end. "Percy," he said gently, "I don't want to be the reason you have to censor what you say, or how you act. For any reason. I just thought that if I wasn't here, then you wouldn't be feeling the way you are now."

"You aren't. I just have a moment, now and again where I want to say it again. It will pass and it's not stressful. There are a lot more things I feel then awkward when you are around." Percy felt a small smirk touch his lips. "A few of them makes me very unhappy that I have an entire week with you but not the energy to do any of it."

Cedric flushed and ran a hand through his hair. "Not that I'd let you do anything about it anyway as sick as you are even if you had the energy. No point in feeling better just to set yourself back."

"Yes. Wheezing just as things are starting to get interesting does nothing for anyone's ego. I suppose I should concentrate on recovering quickly." Percy relaxed into the pillows as he munched on the fruit and picked up his book. He rather hoped that he wouldn't make this week unpleasant for Cedric to be here.

Cedric smirked, and then went back to his work as well, only he couldn't concentrate. He needed to be able to give Percy an answer, and he was beginning to feel like it needed to be soon, or... Well, he wasn't sure or what, but he was certain it wouldn't be pleasant.


Percy didn't even realize he drifted to sleep until he was awakened by the scent of dinner cooking. It had the smell of comfort foods and made his stomach perk up in interest. He went to sit up but a coughing fit caught him off guard. He grabbed a tissue and held it over his mouth as he felt something come up. It was a bad one, he could barely catch his breath. He felt a familiar tickle at the back of his throat and he grabbed the waste basket and threw up a few mouthfuls of the contents of his stomach.

He sat back and forced himself to breathe and calm down. The doctor said this kind of thing might happen upon waking up or if he pushed himself too hard. His body was continually working to send what was in his lungs out. It might happen waking up if too much of the phlegm got into his stomach or blocked his air passages. If he pushed too hard it would be because he was forcing his lungs to work at greater capacity then it could. As long as it wasn't too often or unexplained, Percy wasn't to worry too much. The number of times will lessen with the coughing.

Taking a deep breath he picked up his glass of water and sipped at it. He looked over at the pale and worried face of Cedric and gave him a smile. "I'm all right. Doctor said it might happen. What are you cooking? It smells wonderful."

Cedric had come into the living room after hearing the way Percy was coughing, only to be greeted with the sight of Percy heaving into the trash bin. He knew Whittinton had told him what to expect, but distracted by how pale Percy looked he'd forgotten, and he said, "How often is that going to happen?"

"Not much more then once or twice a day for the first few days. As the condition clears up it will lessen." Percy rubbed the back of his neck. He smiled up at Cedric, "It's not throwing up because of nausea, it's being unable to breathe. Like someone who has run too much."

Percy slowly stood up and stood in front of Cedric. "I'm all right. What's for dinner?"

Cedric shook his head slightly and smiled. "I'd forgotten about that part," he admitted, flush staining his cheeks. "And I made Acquacotta. It's an Italian soup. Light and very filling, so I didn't give you much. A friend of my sister's made it for us whenever we got sick when I was in New York."

"That sounds wonderful." Percy could smell the fresh cooked vegetables and olive oil. "I hope your sister and yourself weren't sick with anything serious."

He walked to the table and sat down, stirring the soup a little before tasting it. "You must teach me how to cook this, so I can return the favor someday."

Cedric seated himself and smiled. "I had a bit of a cold, and Marianne had bronchitis. She and her germs were safely away from me during her infectious stage," he added with a wicked grin. "This is supposed to have a bit of grated pecorino in it, but the cheese isn't good for you so i left it out. It's not hard to make at all."

"Oh thank you. I'm not certain the fats would have gone well with my stomach." Percy slowly sipped the soup. The steam rising seemed to clear his lungs just a bit. He hummed his contentment as he ate his fill. He was rather proud that he finished the bowl. He sat back and rubbed his belly in contentment.

"Did I eat it all or are there left over for lunch tomorrow?" Percy half teased but half asked in earnest.

Cedric chuckled. "There are leftovers." He'd only given Percy a small bowl after all, and his hadn't been that much bigger as he'd been munching periodically all day.

"Excellent." Percy stretched slowly before standing up and walking his dishes to the sink. "I hope you don't mind but I think I'll go to bed early. I'm just going to take a shower and turn in."

Cedric shook his head. "That sounds like a good idea. Just not on my side of the bed," he teased gently. He had woken up with Percy draped over him the last time Percy had spent the night - the night he wrote all those letters - and had slipped out of bed to visit the loo, only to find Percy burrowed into the warm spot his body had left behind.

Percy chuckled, suppressing a cough. "I was keeping it warm for you, I told you. But, I'll cast a warming charm on my side of the bed this time. " With that Percy walked back to the loo and started cleaning up for bed.

Cedric grinned as he watched Percy walk away. He had a bit more to do before he turned in, and by then Percy would already be asleep. He could only hope Percy would be well enough for his brother's wedding, and he sighed softly as he went back to work.


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