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Percy & Oliver – Oliver’s Rooms – Computer – ADULT CONTENT

It’s the simple things in life…
January 13, 2006 – Evening

Percy Weasley smiled as he knocked on Oliver's door holding a bottle of Scotch from near Oliver's home and wearing one of his new sets of robes. He tugged nervously on the folds just a little bit. The Merlot colored fabric felt light weight and soft against his skin. He figured that if he kept doing what he was doing he'd keep having things happen the exact same way.

When the door opened Percy held up the bottle and smiled, "I bring tidings of joy and good will."

Oliver grinned and opened the door more widely. "Well, bring your tidings all the way in. Did you have a good break, then?" Oliver gave Percy a slightly puzzled look as he brushed past him. Percy looked different somehow, but Oliver hadn't quite put his finger on it. Not yet. He would though, he was sure, he just had to think about it.

Percy stepped inside and handed the scotch with the red ribbon bow on its neck to Oliver. A smile tugged at the edges of his lips as their fingers brushed. A shiver ran down his spine as he held Oliver's eyes. "Would you care to pour us glasses of good will and joy? I was thinking of having something to drink and perhaps making some more improvements to your bathroom."

Oliver took the bottle and turned to get glasses and his corkscrew. "Oh, brilliant! What do you want to do to it?" He tugged the ribbon off the bottle and inserted the corkscrew, the muscles in his arm tensing as he turned it and popped the cork. He lifted the bottle to his nose and, closing his eyes, inhaled deeply. "God," he said reverently. "Oh, now that's really brilliant." He opened his eyes and smiled at Percy. "Perfect." He turned away and began to pour.

Percy smirked, "I thought you might like it. It is the scotch distillery from closest to your home. It's made from the peat that is not very far from the house you grew up in." He had watched Oliver's arm as it removed the cork. His heart was beating very fast in excitement. Maybe this wouldn't be so hard after all. He just needed to relax and let things happen as they may.

"I was thinking of adding Leviathin leather. Perhaps seeing if I can make a small sauna out of the linen closet. I saw the last time I was here that there wasn't anything in there and I hate to see all that wasted space." Percy stood behind Oliver and murmured into his friend's ear. Percy's hands were innocently behind his back.

Oliver shivered slightly as Percy's voice whispered through him. Hmmm, he thought, what's he doing? Shrugging, he turned carefully, staying very close to Percy in the process without quite touching him. "Sure, Perce," he smiled, offering a glass. "Whatever you want."

Percy took the glass from Oliver's hand and let his fingers touch Oliver's a little longer then strictly necessary. "Thank you, if you can think of anything you'd like done to your W.C. let me know." With that Percy stepped back to sip on his glass, his nerves failing him at the last moment. Maybe a bit of liquid courage could help him.

Oliver smirked and cocked an eyebrow. "Sure, Perce," he said again. He lifted his glass and sipped, eyes closing again involuntarily and the smirk slipping from his face in pleasure. "Mmmmm," he hummed, holding the drink on his tongue before swallowing. "The only thing from home I miss. Thank you, Percy." He crossed to the sofa and sat, slouching down and drinking again. The eyebrow went up again. "Did you want to sit for awhile first, or do the loo up for me?"

Percy smirked, "I better do the bathroom first. It's a bit tiring doing transfiguration on that large scale, incorporating charms into it is a bit tiring. Then I was rather hoping... I mean... if you wouldn't mind my assisting you in christening your bathroom."

Oliver laughed outright this time. "Only fair. I imagine you'll be a bit -" his eyebrows waggled "- sweaty after all that hard work." He took another swallow. "Did ye want me in there with you, Perce? While you're working, I mean." Oliver couldn't figure out what bug was up Percy's arse - he wasn't usually a flirt, but it was fun. Even if he knew from past experience that nothing would come of it. Arse... hey. "Hey," Oliver said suddenly, "I can see, I mean, are those new robes?" He flushed slightly, just barely catching himself from saying something completely stupid, and coughed.

"They're nice ones."

Percy turned slowly around as he showed off the flow of his robes to Oliver. "Yes. I got them for Christmas. The person who got them says they suit me but I'm not quite certain. The color seems a brighter then I am used to. I'm comfortable in beige, grey and blacks." Percy shrugged off the outer robe and stood in the trousers and shirt. "You are more then welcome to watch me work." With that Percy took his wand and walked into the bathroom.

Oliver snorted, watching Percy walk out of the room. He wondered idly who was buying Percy robes as he finished his drink but hadn't figured it out by the time he was done. He shrugged, refilled his glass, and, taking the bottle with him, followed Percy. Leaning on the door frame of his bathroom, he sipped his fresh drink. "You look good in brighter colors." Oliver noted absently that Percy look very fit in those trousers. He smiled. Very fit.

"Thanks." Percy replied as he pulled out a small piece of chalk to draw some notes on the tiles and doorway to the linen closet. He first worked on the sauna, carefully one step at a time, built it from the inside out. Once finished he moved to work on the tub. Half an hour and a couple of mistakes later, Percy managed to make good black Leviathin leather. The first time was this horrid purple and yellow polka dot fur, the second time was a day glo orange dragon scale.

Finally Percy sat back and rubbed his neck to work out the kinks. Magic like this was always tiring. He walked over to sit on the toilet and accio'ed his glass of whiskey. "Happy belated Christmas Oliver."

Oliver put his glass and the bottle down just inside the door and then wandered over, moving behind Percy. Lifting his hands, he began working the muscles of Percy's neck and shoulders. "Thanks, Perce, it's beautiful." He'd watched as Percy worked, amazed as always by Percy's skill and concentration. He bent and kissed the top of Percy's head before straightening and continuing his massage.

Percy practically melted, every muscle going limp from the hunger for touch. He took a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Tilting his head back he looked up at his oldest friend. He couldn't imagine that Oliver would tell him their friendship was over and he never wanted to see him again. As Oliver had said, he was stuck with him. Percy really did not want to live out the rest of his life wondering what it was like. He had enough of regret in his life; he didn't want to add this one to his collection. Even if Oliver thought of Charlie the whole time and didn't tell him, Percy really wanted the memory. So they'd each have their little polite secrets. Oliver would be seeing a shadow of Charlie and Percy wouldn't say what this meant to him.

"Shall we try it out? Sauna first then hot tub?" Percy asked, trying to keep the hope out of his voice.

Oliver grinned, hands beginning to move slowly, thoroughly down Percy's spine. "D'you want your present first, or after? It's just in the closet." He made a slightly disgusted face. "I didn't know what to get you, so it's not nearly as exciting as my tub."

"Present now." Percy stood up slowly, "Don't worry. I'm easy to please. Besides, I'm certain I can find a use for it." It was on the tip of his tongue to say something flirtatious but he held back. He thought saying something like, 'I want to unwrap you for Christmas.' sounded really awkward and in the teenage vernacular, lame. "Shall I start the tub or the sauna while you get it?"

"If you like." Oliver laughed softly. "You can't help but find a use for it. It's a very useful sort of thing." He left the bathroom, tugging his jumper up over his head on the way out. Might as well change while he was already rummaging around in the closet. Leaving his clothes where they fell, he tugged on a robe and belted it before pulling a wrapped parcel off the shelf and ambling back to the loo.

Percy watched Oliver leave a stream of clothes in his path and smiled. He had been doing that since they were children. It was a very good thing there was House elves about. When Oliver came back and handed him the package Percy had a very hard time not looking at the bit of chest he saw in the gap the robe made. He unwrapped his gift and saw it was enough parchment, ink and quills to last him for the next few years. Percy gave Oliver a grin as he looked at the variety of inks, enchanted and otherwise, "Thank you, Ollie. It's exactly what I needed. You do realize this leaves you the opening to give me sealing wax and ribbons for the birthday."

Oliver lifted an eyebrow. "Ribbons?" He snorted. "Why'd you want ribbons, Perce?" He looked at the pile of parchment and shook his head. There was no accounting for taste, but Percy seemed pleased, and it was what he'd said he wanted that night.

Suddenly that damn imp decided that Percy was taking far too long about this and took control of Percy's mouth. "I'd ask for rope but you won't tie me up like I want you to." Percy felt his heart start hammering before those words finished leaving his mouth. It didn't really feel like his mouth. It couldn't be his voice that was making that growling purr while he said it.
Oliver could feel his jaw drop. "I, well, no," he said absently, still shocked. "I'm usually the bottom." He got control of himself again and smirked, moving closer to Percy, sliding his hands around Percy's waist. "Did you want to be tied up, then? When you won't even let me play with your snitch?"

Percy nearly collapsed with relief. Oliver wasn't saying no. "I could see tying you up instead but I didn't wish to presume. I suppose if we are fit to be tied, then mutual playing with snitches is required." Percy felt his cheeks turn as red as his hair. "In the mean time...perhaps simple steps are best given my lack of experience."

Oliver lifted one hand to cup Percy's face. "Perhaps." He searched Percy's face. "Are you sure, Perce? You've said no so many times before."

Only too true. I do owe him an explanation for my change of mind. Percy thought. Percy nodded, "I'm sure. I have... no that's not right. I think Oliver, you are my oldest friend. There isn't anyone else I'd want to do this with. I... never said yes before because I was terrified of what would happen." Percy bit his lip and looked down at the floor. "I don't want to be afraid anymore. Just... go slow and walk me through it, yeah?"

"Yeah," Oliver whispered. He tugged Percy's face up and bent his own, brushing his lips lightly over Percy's in slow, sipping kisses.

Percy felt every muscle in his body relax. He didn't even know that they were in knots. Oliver might not find this a big deal, but it was huge to Percy. His arms wrapped around Oliver, as one hand traveled up the other man's back to run into his hair. It was as soft as he imagined. He tilted his head a little and let his tongue flicker out and touches Oliver's lips, tasting them, seeking entrance for what was behind them. Stepping forward to get closer he found himself backing Oliver against the wall. Good

Oliver opened to Percy immediately, even as he obediently moved back, leaning against the wall. He hummed softly and rested his hands lightly at Percy's waist. Charlie drifted into his mind, making Oliver feel vaguely guilty, but he shoved Percy's brother quickly out of his thoughts. Charlie was sleeping with other people, or at least one other person. So could he. His hands tightened on Percy's hips convulsively.

Percy groaned as his tongue slowly explored Oliver's mouth. He didn't know what he did to provoke this reaction in Oliver, but he wasn't going to question it. He was beginning to find that sometimes ignorance was bliss. His thumb traced the skin on Oliver's cheek as they kissed. Finally he pulled back for air and blinked at Oliver's eyes.

"Shall we skip the bath?" Percy asked softly as he nibbled on Oliver's ear.

Oliver's eyes closed on their own and he tilted his head so Percy could do his worst.
"Um, yeah," he breathed. "Sure." That familiar lassitude, the need to submit both to the pleasure and the man giving it, filled him and liquefied his bones. He always felt vaguely embarrassed with a new lover who didn't know how sensitive he got but he couldn't ever seem to do anything about it. He swallowed hard and then moaned softly. "Percy."

Percy nuzzled Oliver's neck, hoping he understood the gesture as an invitation, correctly. Oliver's skin was impossibly soft and tasted salty-sweet. Must have been all that Pumpkin juice he drank while a student, Percy thought as he smiled into the man's neck. "I may be new at this, but isn't the traditional place for this somewhere with a horizontal soft surface, commonly known as a bed?"

It made Oliver smile. "Traditionally, anyway." He pulled back, his body protesting the loss of Percy's mouth. Taking Percy's hand, he threaded their fingers and led him out of the loo and straight to his bed. Turning with a wolfish smile, he said, "I want to ride you in the tub sometime, though."

"That all depends on how much vitamin E I can get my hands on." Percy smiled shyly. His hands traced over the terry cloth covered shoulders and arms. His hands felt hypersensitive. Every fiber in those robes he could feel on his finger tips. Shyly he allowed his hands to drift to the knot holding the cloth to Oliver's body. Percy's fingers plucked at the knot, loosening it. He really wanted to untie it and unwrap the gift in front of him, but he didn't want to presume. "I rather suspect I have much to find out about this, if you are willing to be patient and help me explore."

Percy was absolutely facinated by the skin on Oliver's neck and he couldn't seem to resist tasting it. Percy's lips brushed over Oliver's before slowly kissing along Oliver's jaw to the other man's neck. His tongue drew random invisible patterns on Oliver's neck and throat, moving from one side to another, occasionally puntuating it with kisses, sucks, and very gentle bites. "I want to taste every inch of your skin." Percy sighed, not really aware he had spoken his thoughts out loud.

"Okay." Oliver swallowed again, adam's apple moving under Percy's mouth. He couldn't quite catch his breath. Vitamin E? he thought vaguely, not sure what that had to do with anything and not, honestly, caring at the moment. His head fell back and his eyes drifted shut again. "Okay."

This was nice Percy thought as he slowly explored every inch of exposed skin with his lips. He traced what he could touch of the other man's collar bone with his fingertips. His warm breath flowing over the freshly kissed skin. He felt his entire world narrow down to Oliver. There was absolutely nothing else. Percy felt a bit ashamed of his hands with their calluses on them. He was worried that the rough skin on his hands could catch on the silk of Oliver's. He pulled back just a bit to look up at Oliver before glancing at the bed.

Oliver forced his eyes open to smile lazily at Percy when he felt the other man pull back. He realized his hands were fisted in Percy's shirt at the waist and tugged lightly. "Okay?" he asked. "What do you want, Perce?"

Percy looked into Oliver's eyes and felt himself answer the absolute truth, "Everything."

It was honest. He wanted to be more then the pinch hitter or a convenience. However, Percy knew with absolute certainty that he was merely a stand in for Charlie and always would be. It was the same conviction which assured him that the Earth revolved around the sun. He accepted it now and only hoped to steal a few memories while he could.

"However, I'll settle for you letting me... see you, then you lying on the bed and letting me have a good look around." Percy said softly. His fingers toyed with the ends of the tie around Oliver's waist, "If you don't lie still enough I could always resort to drastic measures to secure you in place." He felt his cheeks flame up.

Sweet Merlin could I have said that any worse?

Oliver felt both eyebrows rise at that. He released Percy's shirt and opened the knot at his own waist, letting the robe fall open on its own. "Did you want to resort to drastic measures, Percy?" he murmured. He lifted one hand to cup Percy's face, thumb rubbing over his cheekbone, and grinned slightly. He thought bondage might be a bit much for Percy's first time but if it would make his friend relax and feel more in control, he was all for it. Actually, he mused, I'd be all for it anyway. His grin widened. He bent to lightly brush his lips over Percy's again.

Percy stared at the newly exposed skin and swallowed hard. The lines of well defined muscles were tantalizing as they disappeared into the shadows of Oliver's robe. It took a bit for Percy to find his voice again. "Drastic measures are labeled such because they should be a method of last resort." Percy felt his cheeks flame as he leaned into Oliver's touch. "You are a fellow Gryffindor, your word is your bond. I will trust it if you promise to lie still enough for me to you."

Percy stepped forward and ran his hands along Oliver's shoulders and under the robe before brushing it off. He had seen this sight before. The strong legs and arms, the well defined chest. But somehow it was very new. "Lie down." Percy heard his voice growl, sounding a lot more confident then he felt.

Oliver nodded and silently climbed on the bed, flaunting himself a bit as he crawled up the length of it. Reaching the pillows, he lowered himself to his stomach, stretched and then rolled to lie flat on his back. He watched Percy through half closed eyes and murmured, "I promise."

Percy slowly stepped forward and looked down at Oliver, laid out for him. Just for him. He reached out and let his hands trace slowly over Oliver's chest and down his arms. He picked up one of Oliver's hands and kissed the finger tips. One at a time, Percy slowly sucked Oliver's fingers into his mouth and slowly drew them out again. He varied the suction on the fingers before pulling completely back and lightly licking the tips of the fingers.

"I said I really liked your hands." Percy murmured.

"I remember." Oliver smiled softly, watching Percy. He lifted the hand Percy wasn't holding and ran his fingertips over Percy's face and along the shell of his ear before threading his fingers through Percy's hair, rubbing the soft red strands between his fingers.

Percy turned his face to drop a kiss into Oliver's palm. Then he pressed both hands back to the bed, hoping Oliver understood to keep them there. Then Percy began kissing and nipping along Oliver's clavicle, down his sternum before licking the nipples. The feel of the muscles jumping under his tongue made him fist the covers on either side of Oliver. He slowly licked his way down Oliver's stomach, occasionally leaving little soft bites.

Oliver curled his own hands into fists in the comforter. His breath was coming faster, and with a hitch in it as well. He moaned softly. "Percy," he whispered, "oh, that's good. Very good." His legs twitched but he forced them to stay still.

Running his hands along Oliver's legs he grinned as he felt the small hairs tickling his palm as his nose nuzzled the soft skin on Oliver's hip. Then he took one testicle into his mouth and gently toyed with it using his tongue.

Oliver's legs slid further apart without his permission. "Sorry, Perce," he gasped, "so good." He couldn't keep his eyes open any longer and let go, letting them close and letting the pleasure fill him. He was almost completely hard already and his stomach clenched, muscles shivering. "Oh, I need, I need... god. Please, Perce, touch me, please!" The comforter was clenched so tightly in Oliver's fists now that his fingers actually hurt and his body was stiff, torn between the need to move and his promise to Percy. He wanted Percy to touch his cock more than he wanted his next breath. "Please!"

Percy smiled against Oliver's skin as he moved his hands to take the place of the blankets that were being gripped. He concentrated very hard on the erect cock in front of him. The thing seemed really large and daunting from this angle. He let his warm breath flow over it before swiping along the head with his tongue to taste him. It was a very long time since he last tasted Oliver and yet it was the same as he remembered. Only without the water around them, it was far more concentrated. Carefully he wrapped his lips around the other man's cock and sucked an inch into his mouth before pulling back a bit. Then he took in a bit more before pulling back. Down and back, down and back until he had nearly all of it. He was concentrating so hard he didn't even notice how his own hips were thrusting gently against the edge of the mattress.

Oliver was incoherent now, pleas and moans falling incessantly from his lips as his body arched slowly, back bowing in an unconscious attempt to get his cock further into Percy's mouth. His skin was so sensitive that he could actually feel the sweat pop from his pores, feel Percy's fingers crushed between his. It was so close to too much; he could feel the edge coming at him so quickly. "Percy," he growled in warning, unable to actually say the words but needing to warn him.

Percy hummed his acknowledgement. There was something in his voice that was warning him. Oliver was about to come. Percy felt a swelling of pride. He did this! He relaxed his jaw and sucked so hard he felt his cheeks hollow.

Oliver cried out, his body completing the arc and lifting off the bed as he came. The pleasure roared through him and he convulsed, dropping flat to the bed again and shaking. He gulped for air. "Oh, god," he moaned, low and long. "Oh my god. Brilliant."

Oliver had slipped into his Scottish burr and Percy couldn't keep the grin off his lips as he cleaned off his friend. Then he mad soft little kisses up Oliver's stomach to kiss Oliver's lips. Percy's tongue swept into Oliver's mouth as he toed his shoes off and crawled onto the bed to hover over Oliver. His hands ran through Oliver's hair, kissing until his lungs burned for fresh air. Then he moved down to sample Oliver's neck again.

When Percy let go of his hands, Oliver worked his fingers absently. They were a bit sore. Percy's mouth took his and his thoughts scattered, hands lifting to curve around Percy's ribs. Over his shirt. Oliver tugged at the shirt, pulling it from Percy's trousers so he could stroke warm skin. He could taste himself in Percy's mouth and he smiled. When Percy moved to his neck, he laughed softly. He felt bloody amazing. "Perce," he murmured, voice thick with both satiation and Scotland, "Perce, ye've still got all yer clothes on."

Percy smiled against Oliver's skin before nibbling on his ear lobe. "So I've noticed." Percy slipped his hands under Oliver and gently rolled over to bring Oliver to lie on top of him. "You make an admirable blanket."

Oliver snorted and pushed up on his elbows to look down at Percy. "Can't take your clothes off with me on top o'ye, yeah?" He kissed Percy lightly and rubbed their noses together. "Want you naked when you fuck me." He moved slightly, pushing his nude pelvis against Percy's cloth-covered one and kissed him again. They were light, easy brushes of his lips over Percy's lips. Bracing on his elbows, he brought his hands between them and began to unbutton Percy's shirt. Slowly.

Percy shuddered from head to toe at the sensation when Oliver rocked against him. The light easy kisses on his lips distracted him from the plucking at his shirt. He noticed it was starting to come off him and Percy smiled into Oliver's eyes. He rather hoped his humor masked his nervousness. It's happening. It's really going to happen. "If you want me naked I suggest you do something about it, then."

"I'm workin' on it," Oliver smirked. He opened the last button and pushed the fabric to either side, baring Percy's chest. He bent, nuzzling, licking, kissing, even biting, and marking a path down the center of Percy's body. He played with the button at the waist of Percy's trousers without opening it. "You ready?" He looked up Percy's body with a grin.

Percy swallowed and nodded, "Yes." Butterflies took flight in his stomach and started battering against the walls. As much as it was a nervous it was an excited nervous. He could feel Oliver's weight and warmth on him, anchoring him to reality. "You know, you would make a good Incubus."

Oliver couldn't help it, he started to laugh. Only Percy. "Incubus? Should I be insulted, then?" Still laughing, he tugged the button open and lowered the zip. He slid his hands into the waist of Percy's pants and pushed both pants and trousers down and off Percy's hips, exposing his cock.

When the cool air hit his cock Percy shivered from head to toe. He ran his hands through Oliver's hair and bit his lip as he trembled a little. "No. Co.... Complimented."

Oliver smiled but didn't answer, distracted by Percy's length right there, so close. He leaned in and, starting at the base, licked straight up the underside and over the top. He took the tip of it into his mouth and sucked, using one hand to cup Percy's balls, carefully squeezing. He hummed with pleasure.

Percy gasped in shock at the sensation. This was unbelievable. Something that felt this good had to be illegal. His breathing started to become labored as his heart rate increased. Hot, tight, wet. He heard someone groaning in passion and began to realize it was himself. Unable to hold his head up any longer he let it drop back to the pillows. His hips began to gently rock slightly. "Oh... sweet Merlin.... Ollie. Don't stop. Just don't stop."

Oliver smirked around his mouthful as he opened up to take more of Percy in, sliding slowly down the shaft until his nose hit coarse red curls then swallowing against the head of Percy's cock before sliding his way back up again. He rubbed his tongue against the shaft as he moved, stimulating Percy as much as possible on the way up. He pulled completely off long enough to say, "Like that, do you?" and then started the whole process again - sucking at the tip, swallowing him down, sliding slowly back up. And then again, and again.

Percy's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he clawed at the comforter below him. He felt as if he was going to fly apart at the seams. He tried to answer Oliver's question but found that his voice was unable to command the English language. His skin was alive. He had always wondered why people pined for actual sex when, mechanically, masturbation provided the same stimulation. Now he knew why. This was very different.

"Oh..... Fuck!" Percy growled out.

Oliver pulled slowly off Percy and laughed low in his throat. "Oh, yeah. Y'will, Perce." He bent to nuzzle at Percy's balls, licking over the wrinkled skin. "I want you inside me." He kissed his way back up Percy's chest. A lick up his throat, a light bite on his chin and a brush of lips over his, then Oliver was reaching for the night table, body lying heavy on Percy's as he did. He fumbled in the drawer and pulled out a small jar. He moved back to grin at Percy. "Ye'll need to stretch me a bit, aye? We'll use this." He showed Percy the jar and then, tangling their legs, he rolled them both so Percy was on top again. "And get rid of the trousers."

Stretch? I... Oh.... OH!...oh Percy thought as he got the rest of his clothes completely off his body. He knew mechanically and theoretically what was supposed to happen. But theory and practice were two vastly different things. There were always the thousand little details that were never mentioned. However, overriding it all was the idea that this was exactly what he wanted. The idea of being inside Oliver, with his arms and legs wrapped around him as they...

Percy licked his lips before dipping his fingers into the jar and rubbed the substance between his fingers. It was wet and slippery. Warming the substance, he reached down and began to gently rub around the puckered entrance, waiting for it to relax before pressing inside slightly. The heat and pressure on the tip of his finger made him groan.

Oliver's breath hitched and he sighed, smiling. "'sgood, Percy. Keep going." He spread his legs open, lifting one knee up. "Just like that."

Slowly and carefully, making certain to use plenty of the substance in the jar, Percy opened Oliver up. He knew how delicate that area of the body was and he wanted to ensure he wouldn't hurt Oliver. However, as he explored deeper and felt the heat his mind began clamoring to replace his fingers with another part of his anatomy. Percy bit his lip and fought the desire down. Suddenly Percy touched a spot and he watched as Oliver cried out.

"Fuck!" Oliver swallowed hard and forced himself not to writhe too much, but god, it was hard. He snorted softly with that thought. It wasn't the only thing hard here. He let himself push up into Percy's hand, body clenching on that long, slim finger. "Do that again, Perce, please! And put in another finger." His breath shuddered out and he moaned softly. "Or two."

Percy suddenly felt very very wicked. He very gently wiggled his finger on that spot again. "What? This?" He kept gently moving around that spot as he slowly worked in a second finger. He liked watching Oliver groan and twist in pleasure. Who would have thought that such a tiny movement could drive a person completely insane? With both fingers twisted around each other he pumped slowly in and out, seeing if he could brush that spot with each thrust.

"Yeah," Oliver whined, unable to stop writhing now, "that, exactly. More, god, Percy, please, more!" His eyes closed and he began nearly panting. He reached between them and wrapped his hand around his own cock, tugging sharply.

With equal care Percy added the third finger. He wanted to help Oliver with his free hand but he needed to concentrate on this. The sight of Oliver like this was incredible. His moans filled the room with erotic music. "Ollie?" Percy asked. Honestly, Percy would be happy to make Oliver come like this if he wanted. But part of him really wanted to join Oliver this time. He wanted to make Oliver writhe in pleasure while Percy's lips explored the other man's mouth and neck. He needed to feel skin against skin.

"Percy," Oliver said hoarsely, "please, Percy, fuck me. I want your cock; want to feel it shoving inside of me, pushing me open and stretching me wide. Please!" Oliver brought the other knee up too and lifted his hips, trying to encourage Percy with his body. He was stroking himself rhythmically now, thumb rubbing over the head of his leaking cock. "Oh, god, oh please."

This is it. This is really it. It's happening. Percy could barely believe it. He removed his fingers and slowly coated his cock with the material, gasping as the cool lubricant touched his privates. Damn... it's a good thing I warmed it in my fingers before touching Oliver with it earlier.

He positioned himself and slowly pushed inside. The tight slick heat nearly undid him. He had to force himself to breathe and remember not to slam into the other man. Finally when he was in, he lay over Oliver, holding himself up by the elbows. He breathed slowly to gain some control, otherwise this wasn't going to last very long. Once he thought the urge to explode immediately had passed he rocked slightly and delicately. He looked into Oliver's eyes, a question in his. Is this right?

Oliver forced a smile. He could tell Percy was nervous, but fuck, he needed to move, needed Percy to move, needed the slap of their bodies against each other and the friction of Percy shoving in and pulling out. He wrapped his legs around Percy's hips. "Good," he panted, "so good. Just, just move, Perce, please."

Those were the magic words. Move. Percy wanted nothing more than to do that. He was just worried about hurting Oliver. He kissed Oliver and began to do just that. Increasing in strength a little more each time. A groan sounded in his chest like the purr of a lion. With each thrust he found he wanted the next one harder, deeper.

"Oh fuck Ollie. Want harder," was all Percy managed to get out. He wanted harder, more. He wanted to feel Oliver's fingers dig into his back marking him. He wanted to mark Oliver with his mouth.

"Yes," Oliver hissed. He tightened his legs, lifting into each thrust. His hands clutched at Percy's sides as they writhed together. "More, harder, faster, fuck me," he growled. "Let go, Percy, you won't hurt me. Please."

He pulled back and thrust like he really wanted to. Their bodies slapping together, Percy bent his head and left little bites all over Oliver's neck and shoulders. It was raw need and lust in his veins. He lifted his head and looked down at Oliver to make certain he was all right. The expression on Oliver's face undid him. Percy must be hitting that spot again. He felt a wicked grin spread on his face. For the first time in a very long time, Percy felt utterly wild and free. "Fuck Ollie." Percy got out as he felt a small warning sound in the back of his head that the finale was coming shortly.

"Fuck me," Oliver agreed. He forced his eyes open again to look up and gasped. Percy was beautiful this way, focused and intent and nearly feral with need. He tightened his entire body around Percy, arms, legs and arse, and held him as tightly as he could. He moaned. "So close," he whimpered, "bite me, Percy, fuck me hard as you can."

Percy growled. Thrusting as hard as he could as he felt something electric shoot down his spine and pool at the base of his back. He could feel it in his skin, his hair, and his teeth. His thrusts were so hard he was pushing Oliver up the mattress. He bit Oliver's shoulder as his breathing went ragged and his thrusts became irregular. Orgasm exploded inside him and he was suddenly very glad that Oliver was holding him so tightly. He might have flown to pieces if he weren't. He cried out into Oliver's shoulder as he kept thrusting through its echoes.

Oliver gritted his teeth and hung on as Percy came, waiting as long as he could before it was just too much and he gave in, body shaking as he convulsed and spilled between them. He cried out, neck arching as his head pressed back into the pillow with the force of his orgasm. "Percy!"

Percy held onto Oliver while the other man rode out his own orgasm. Finally when Oliver collapsed, Percy collapsed on Oliver as well. Sweat making them stick to each other. Percy thought Oliver made a wonderful mattress.

"Oliver" Percy whispered softly. When he finally got enough energy to move he lifted his head up and pressed a soft kiss to Oliver's lips. "That was..." It was then that Percy noticed the bite mark on Oliver's shoulder. Percy's heart filled with horror. He had bit Oliver so hard he actually drew blood. "Oh god, Ollie, I'm sorry."

"Huh?" Oliver forced his eyes open, mind still completely dazed with pleasure. His entire body was one long, slow throb. He couldn't understand what Percy was apologizing for after that. "Brilliant," he mumbled, trying to reassure Percy but literally unable to string two words together. He rubbed Percy's back and sighed. God, he felt so good, and he was sure he'd never be able to move again, which was perfectly fine with him.

Percy found Oliver's wand on the night stand and used it to accio some tissues from the loo. "Ollie, you are bleeding." Percy's voice was trembling with worry as he pressed the tissues to the wound. It wasn't flowing much, more like a scraped knee, but still. Making your partner bleed was a no-no in his book. "I'm so sorry Ollie. I didn't mean..."

"Oh yeah?" Oliver brought his hand up to cup Percy's face, his voice completely unconcerned with the blood. "Wicked." He stroked his thumb over Percy's cheekbone, finally realizing Percy was honestly upset. "'sokay, Perce, just blood. Felt good, promise." He stretched a little. He still couldn't manage a complete sentence. "All good. Brilliant." He blinked slowly and settled tonelessly into the mattress. His other hand ran down Percy's back. "Again soon, yeah? Just, need a minute." His eyes drifted shut and he moaned again with complete satisfaction.

Percy felt the knot in his heart and stomach loosen. Oliver seemed alright and wasn't upset. Percy slid over so he was holding Oliver in his arms. Cleaning them off a bit he sat up to pull a blanket over them both. His muscles were warm liquid and it feels so good to be here. Percy pressed a kiss to Oliver's temple. "Again soon. Perhaps next time can be in the tub?" Percy asked into Oliver's ear.

"Yeah," Oliver mumbled, curving his arms around Percy and settling the other man comfortably against him. "Tub." He yawned. "You okay?" He patted Percy's head awkwardly.

"You have my full permission to tell me 'I told you so.'" Percy chuckled, "That was fucking unbelievable."

Oliver snorted a laugh. "Yeah." He forced his eyes open and grinned. "Told you so."

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