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Percy and Oliver - Oliver's rooms - Complete

A Shocking Revelation
4 December, 2005, evening

Percy coughed as he stepped out of the floo and into Oliver's rooms. He dusted himself off as he looked over at Oliver with a smile. "I don't know which like traveling least, Floo, Port Key, Broom or apparition."

Oliver laughed. "Walking is easier sometimes, isn't it? Still, I doubt you have to ask which one I prefer." He rose and led Percy back through his rooms to his bathroom. "You could just expand the tub itself, fix it into a hot tub. I hardly ever use it anyway." He gestured in the vague direction of the standing shower in the corner.

Percy examined the room for a moment, frowning. "You have a rather nice window there. If you let me move the sink, loo and shower around, I can make the tub right next to the window so you can have the light from it. The window Ledge can become a shelf."

"Sure, Perce." Oliver shrugged and leaned back against a wall. "Do whatever you'd like, as long as it all works." He laughed. "You know, I think it really will help my back." He shot Percy a wicked look. "Even if that's not why we're really redoing my loo."

Percy ignored that comment and the look and concentrated. He carefully found there the pipes connected to all the appliances and cut off the water. He then used transfiguration to move the toilet, shower and sink nearer the door and moving the tub to under the window. Then He transfigured it to a raised two person hot tub, exactly like the one he made those years ago. Another flick and he made the stone into steps up to the tub. Then with a grin he made a compartment sunken into the windowsill for chilling drinks large enough for a couple beers or a bottle of wine. Once he carefully connected all the pipes he walked over to the Tub and turned a knob. Soon it was filling with hot water and bubbling. The window nearby steaming up.

Percy looked over at Oliver, "Is it as you remembered it?"

"If it's not, it's pretty damn close." Oliver wandered over to Percy and slung an arm around his shoulders. "Thanks, Perce, it looks fantastic." He started to walk forward, pulling Percy with him. "You're going to test it out with me, yeah?"

Percy blinked, "I suppose if you want me to." Percy felt his cheeks flush with the memory of what happened the last time he made Oliver a hot tub. He really didn't make it with the intention of an encore. It had been quite a day already with Theo and their reaching an understanding. He just wanted to spend some time with his old friend.

"Yeah." Oliver dropped his arm from Percy's shoulders and started tugging his jumper off over his head. "We don't have to wank each other this time." The jumper came off, mussing his hair, and he tossed it aside before giving Percy an exaggerated leer. "Unless you want to, of course."

Percy just stood there mute with shock as Oliver stripped naked and slipped into the tub before he managed to gather enough brain power to move to join him. Percy sank down into the hot water with a grateful groan. "I don't think wanking would be a good idea for me today. It's been rather busy."

Oliver laughed. "You know it's been a bad day if it's too busy for wanking." He settled further down into the tub, not quite controlling the wince as his back protested. "No worries, though, I'm good to just relax for a bit myself."

Percy saw the wince and bit his lip. "Would you like me to add anything to make it easier for you to use? It should help your back. Nothing quite like hot water massage to relax the muscles to allow them to heal. I am surprised you didn't insist upon having one earlier."

"I actually never even thought about it," he shrugged. He smiled at Percy. "It's fine, Perce, I'm glad to have it. I can get in and out just fine."

"If you are certain. Just let me know any time you want a change made to it." Percy frowned in concern. He smirked at Oliver before filling the window ledge bucket with water and then froze it and cracked it with a spell. "Happen to have anything to drink that would taste good cold?"

Oliver laughed. "The only thing I have in my rooms is alcoholic - we can call a house elf if you want something else." He raised an eyebrow, waiting.

"Alcoholic is fine," Percy summoned Oliver's wand to his hand and gave it to Oliver. "But if you think I am leaving this tub to get it after remodeling your bathroom with magic you are out of your damn mind." Percy put his wand in easy reach, groaned happily and sank his head into the headrest.

Oliver only laughed harder. "I had no intention of making you fetch it, you git." He waved his wand absently. "Accio firewhiskey," he said, and caught the bottle that zoomed into the room. "You don't want cups, do you?"

Percy shrugged, "I don't have a cold, do you?"

"Nope." He grinned and took a swig from the bottle before handing it to Percy. "'s all yours."

Percy took the bottle and drank. The whiskey burned all the way down his throat and into his stomach. He placed the bottle between them before getting one of the chips of ice and sucking on it. "So, tell me. How was your week?"

Oliver snorted. "Well," he said, grabbing the bottle and downing another large swallow before continuing, "other than Charlie avoiding me and you irritated with me and that friend of yours ready to slit my throat and Bill telling me to mind my own fucking business? Just peachy." He took another drink, and then another.

"I feel your pain." Percy said as he looked at Oliver. The man looked as if he seriously needed a vacation "You know my irritation. It's over and gone in ten minutes. Sounds like Bill was merely trying to keep the issue in the family. As for Charlie, I don't know why he's avoiding you. I'm sorry."

Oliver sighed and shook his head. "Never mind. I should just mind my own fucking business, yeah?" He gave Percy a ghost of a smile, set the bottle down between them and slid further down in the tub. "How are you really, Perce?"

Percy shrugged. "I've been better and I've been worse. I'm just a bit emotionally shell shocked at the moment. Someone I had been having hopes for told me today that while they cared for me, they cared for someone else more and they were torn up about it. So I let him go. I told them perhaps it would be better if we remained friends." Percy tried to keep his voice steady but it quivered a bit at the last moment. The hours of holding it in and being strong while Theo was there were starting to crumble. He looked at the swirling water as he felt a hot tear slip from his cheek and land in the water.

"God, Perce, I'm really sorry." Oliver reached over and squeezed Percy's leg before rubbing it soothingly, offering comfort.

Percy splashed some warm water on his face acting like he was washing it. He hoped it might hide him for a bit and any other tears that leaked through. He'd have to wait a bit longer before falling apart. "I'll be fine, Oliver. It's not like we got deeply involved before this happened. It's likely better this way, anyway. After all, I've got a full plate when it comes to personal complications. Adding a love affair onto that would have been sheer insanity."

Oliver shot Percy a wry look. "What, you think that because you didn't have sex it shouldn't hurt?" He shook his head. "Hearts don't work that way. And sometimes," his expression became thoughtful, "the love affair is what keeps your full plate balanced." Then he shrugged with a self-deprecating grin. "Listen to me. Dime store philosophy." He ruffled Percy's hair. "'strue, though."

"Sounds like you are speaking more from experience then from Philosophy." Percy said, his eyes watching Oliver closely. "Mind letting me in on this tidbit? Is Charlie helping you that much with the loss of playing professional quidditch?"

A raw look of excruciating pain flashed quickly across Oliver's face before being smothered once again by a bland friendly expression. "Nah, told you I haven't seen him. It's just that it gives you support, you know? If you have someone, I mean." He reached for the bottle again. "Grounds you, I guess." He shrugged and filled his mouth with alcohol before swallowing it down. He gasped at the burn then drank again.

Percy watched his friend swallow down the alcohol as if it was a lifeline and wanted to kick himself. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. When you said that I thought that you were refering to Charlie. Please forgive me."

Oliver put down the bottle and turned, hugging Percy. "No worries, mate. None at all." He could feel the rush of alcohol through his veins and into his brain. He pulled back and gave Percy a somewhat sloppy grin before settling back down against the edge of the tub.

Percy barely managed to bite back a gasp as he felt the touch on his bare skin. It shocked him how much he wanted that touch. Normally he was utterly content without anyone touching him. Most times he didn't want anyone within arms length. But now? He felt as if he was starving for it. And his body reflected it. He felt his cheeks blush as red as his hair and he sank into the tub, hoping the swirling water hid him. "Er... thanks." Percy quickly took a swig of his own.

"No worries," Oliver said again. He glanced at Percy and snickered. "You're blushing, Perce." He reached over and snagged the bottle from Percy. He drank from it and handed it back. "Anything wrong?" He snickered again.

"N... No." Percy stuttered on his reply as he sank up to his chin in the water. He was torn between wanting to slip down the drain or drift closer. "It's just warm in here, that's all."

Oliver eased closer to Percy, giving him a curious look. "No, not really."

"Temperature is relative, Oliver. It can be warm to me and fine for you. Say, are you thinking of doing anything else with this bathroom, I know a few really good transfiguration spells that can turn regular stone to marble. Maybe a heated floor in here would be good." Percy knew he was babbling but he found himself unable to stop. "It's what I did with my bathroom. I.."

Oliver put his hand over Percy's mouth. "Shh," he murmured, "relax." He settled next to Percy, one arm around Percy's shoulders. "I won't bite." He shot Percy an amused look. "Unless you want me to." He lifted his eyebrow but settled back against the tub again and let his eyes close.

Every muscle in Percy's body locked for a moment and then slowly released. It felt nice. He relaxed against his friend's shoulder and looked up out the window at the night. The light from the window revealed that snow was just starting to fall down in fat flakes. Feeling a little awkward Percy let his hand drift around Oliver's back and curled his hand around the ribcage.

Oliver smiled when he felt Percy's arm slide around him, but he kept his eyes closed. He could still feel the room slowly spinning but this way he couldn't see it. "Did we finish off that bottle yet?" He burped softly.

Percy glanced over at the bottle. "There is about a quarter left in it. However, it was a little over half full when it got here. Perhaps we ought to slow up. That is, unless you don't mind my not having any more and using magic to lift you from the tub when you fall asleep."

Oliver cracked an eye open at that. "I can hold my liquor," he said somewhat indignantly. "And I've never made you drink anything you didn't want yet." He closed that one eye again.

"I know you can hold your liquor." Percy chuckled, "I still remember you beating that drinking contest between the Slytherin and Gryffindor our seventh year. The last Slytherin slid under the table and you finished off your bottle and theirs just to show off."

Oliver snorted, then started to laugh. "A lion'll beat a snake every time." He looked around, spied the bottle, and reached with his free arm to snag it. "And I'm no ordinary lion." He smirked, wagging his eyebrows, then drank from the bottle.

Percy watched Oliver swallow down the bottle with a smirk. The light from the candles really did show off his best features. "No, you aren't an ordinary Lion. You are a lion with a super industrial liver to handle all that alcohol. What else did you win for the Gryffindors that night? Was it the eating contest or thumb war?"

Oliver rolled his eyes. "Eating contest. Which is part of how I won the drinking contest." He flashed Percy a big grin and took another big swallow. "You really don't want any more?"

Percy shook his head, "No, thanks. You know I'm a light weight. By the way, what else did Gryffindor win? I know that we beat Slytherin six games to four. You won those two. Little Anabelle won the wet T-shirt contest."

Oliver's grin turned absolutely wicked. "Yes she did." He drank again. "And we celebrated our wins well into the night." Then he shrugged. "I don't remember the rest of it, Perce." He smirked. "I was rather busy with Anabelle."

Percy chuckled, "So I noticed. You were kissing each other as if the other person's lips contained the antidote to a poison you drank. Then you both disappeared for a good two hours. I was the designated sober person for Gryffindor. I had to make certain no one did anything that would have a permanent impact on their lives. I cleaned up after as well. Well, I didn't really clean up. Dumbledore showed up and did a lot of it."

Oliver choked, the latest swallow of firewhiskey going down the wrong pipe. He sat up sharply, sputtering. "What the fuck-!" He coughed violently, leaning over as he tried to remember how to breathe.

Percy smirked over at Oliver's shocked expression and pounded on his friend's back until Oliver seemed to remember how to breathe. "You all right there, Ollie?"

"Yeah," he gasped, "just fine." He coughed a few more times then leaned back again, staring at the ceiling, completely shocked. "All right. I completely believe you the designated sober person, but holy fuck, Percy - why didn't you tell me Dumbledore knew?!?"

Percy shrugged, "I didn't know until he popped out of nowhere and asked if I needed help cleaning up. Everyone else had carried the revelry to their respective houses or were in bed and I just didn't see the point of mentioning it to anyone. You were all having such fun I didn't want to spoil it."

Rolling his head on the edge of the tub, Oliver gave Percy a baleful look. "You could have said the next day. I finally understand the look the headmaster gave me when he passed me on my way to the train." He closed his eyes and started to laugh. "God, never could put anything past the old man."

"Nope, we never could. He said he was rather unhappy that he wasn't invited to the party. But now he and McGonagall owed Severus Snape four galleons a piece because they bet that Angela would win the Chess match. Slytherin won that." Percy smirked.

Oliver laughed harder. "You know, I think he would have enjoyed the party very much." He drank again, finishing the last of the bottle with a gasp. "And I think the Slytherins cheated."

"They did, then again, so did we." Percy chuckled, "I would have thought you noticed that Anabelle took an 'enhancing' potion."

"No wonder I hadn't noticed her before." Oliver laughed so hard he fell off the seat, going completely underwater with a splash.

Percy reached under and pulled his laughing friend up into the seat by his arms. Or at least he tried to. Oliver was so slippery that he ended up pulling both of them under and Percy landed on top of Oliver's back. Percy tried to act nonchalant as he helped pull Oliver back up to the surface. Maybe the other man didn't notice the touch; hot water and alcohol were affecting him.

Oliver coughed, still laughing, wiping the water from his eyes as Percy helped him - or he helped Percy, he wasn't quite sure - back on the seat around the edge of the tub. The laughter finally died away. "Oh, god," he chuckled, "I miss school sometimes."

"Well, we are back. So we get to watch them vicariously now. Besides, that's no reason we can't have a little fun with the students. I know Anabelle got the Enhancing potion recipe from McGonagall. She told me as I helped her to brew it."

Oliver shoved Percy. "You helped her? And you still didn't tell me? You devious little sneak!" He started laughing again. "Oh fuck, I do NOT want to know how McGonagall knew about an enhancing potion, that's just disgusting." He sobered more quickly this time. "'snot the same, though, Perce." He looked around and pulled a face as he saw the empty bottle and remembered that he'd drunk it all. "Damn."

Percy wrapped his arms around Oliver and held him. "I know, my friend. Everything changes. We had quite a few laughs then. That doesn't mean we don't have quite a few laughs to look forward to. I fully intend on abusing my position as your friend to get the inside track on who I should bet on for house teams."

Oliver leaned into Percy, wrapping his arms around the smaller man. "Yeah, sure, Perce."

He had never seen his friend so low in spirits. It nearly broke his heart. He did the only thing that sprung to mind. He tilted Oliver's face towards him and kissed him. It wasn't demanding or aggressive, but gentle and soft.

Oliver threaded one hand through Percy's wet hair and returned the kiss, soft but desperate. "Sorry," he muttered when he broke away, tucking his face in Percy's neck. "I got too drunk."

Percy chuckled and gave Oliver's shoulders a squeeze. "I know. That's why I was hoping to switch you from being too Drunk to too horny. You're a lot happier in the latter." Percy teased.

Oliver smiled in spite of himself. "Not always." He pulled back, a ghost of his usual smirk crossing his face. "Besides, you don't ever let me play with your snitch."

"I did too, once." Percy smirked, "That was the first and last time anyone has played with it."

"Oh, but once is nothing..." His voice trailed off as Percy's words sunk into his alcohol-soaked brain and almost clicked. "Perce," he asked, truly and completely shocked, "are you saying - I mean, you don't mean," he stopped and cleared his throat and tried really hard to focus on Percy's face. "Percy," he whispered a bit too loud, "are you a virgin?"

Percy nodded. "Yes, why? Is this such a surprise?"

"Percy!" Oliver was flabbergasted. "Fuck, Percy, we're..." He stopped, trying to remember how old they were, even going so far as to count on his fingers before giving up. "We're old! I can't believe you haven't had sex yet."

"We are pushing thirty Oliver. We aren't that old." Percy shrugged, "There is a very simple reason I haven't lost it yet."

"It's old to be a virgin, Perce. So tell me, then." Oliver raised an eyebrow, waiting. He knew this was a serious discussion, but he kept losing his focus, Percy's face going blurry. He was managing to bite back the urge to giggle, though, so that was a plus.

"I'd need someone who I'd want, who wants me and there are no barriers between us to do it. I've yet to meet a person who meets all three of those categories." Percy shrugged.

"I'm sure there's loads of people who'd fit all three." Oliver nodded sagely, spoiling it with a smirk. "You're very sexy."

Percy chuckled, "If you say so. Now, you are drunk and we are getting pruny. I think we might want to head to bed."

Oliver leaned in, nuzzling at Percy's ear and licking the skin behind it. He laughed, low and sultry. "Sounds good. I'll take care of you, Perce."

"You always have, right now I think you need a bit of taking care of since you are drunk." Percy said, suppressing the shiver the feel of his tongue made. Your best friend is drunk and doesn't know what he's doing. Get him out of the tub and into bed.

Percy climbed out of the tub and took Oliver with him. Using a spell to dry them both off, Percy quickly as he could walked Oliver to his bed and put him into it. Dashing back to the bathroom Percy quickly dressed and pulled out pepper-up potion and anti-headache potion from Oliver's medicine cabinet. Returning he placed both on the night table beside Oliver and smiled. "Sleep well."

With that Percy quickly turned on his heel and left, turning out the lights as he went.

Oliver curled on to his side, completely drunk and completely confused about what had just happened. He considered getting up and chasing Percy down, slowly realizing that the reason it was so dark was because his eyes were closed. "Later," he mumbled, "I'll get him later." He yawned. "Get him fucked." He fell asleep.

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