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Percy - Oliver - Prefect Bathroom - Complete - Adult Content

Oliver Teaches Percy a Lesson
February 14, 1993 - Percy and Oliver's Sixth Year

Percy groaned in pain as he pushed the door open on the Prefect's bathroom. He was covered from head to toe in cold mud, bits of grass, snow and sand. He didn't even look as Oliver tramped in behind him, looking remarkably put together for someone who had been playing Quidditch for two hours. Well, Oliver played Quidditch, Percy mostly fell off his broom. He closed the door behind them and locked it, marking it occupied.

Slowly, Percy began stripping out of his clothes, "Do us a favor, Ollie, and turn on the water?"

Oliver waved his wand at the bath, starting all the faucets at once, filling the large pool quickly. Steam started to curl above the rising water. "Did you want bubbles, Perce?"

"If they can smell like something other then something girly or like dirt, yes." Percy stretched his sore muscles once nude. "I don't know how you do it. How can you take beatings like this on a regular basis?"

"There's one that no' smelly, Perce." Oliver grinned and aimed his wand at one of the dispensers, and it spilled a gel into the water. He bent and put his wand down before he began opening his robes. Unbuttoning them only far enough to pull his arms out of the sleeves, he let them drop in a heap on the floor and tugged his jumper up and over his head. "You get used to it after awhile," he said, voice muffled by the fabric.

Percy sank into the bubbles and warm water over his head. He washed the dirt and grime out of his hair then popped up out of the water. "You just want to pound on me on the pitch for all those times I pounded on you to study. You got good grades on your Newts. You used brains I don't think you knew you had."

He laughed. "Mostly I used your brains, Perce." Trousers and pants joined jumper and robes on the floor, and Oliver climbed in next to Percy, relaxing against the side of the bath with a satisfied sound. "God, that feels good." His eyes drifted closed, only to open sleepily when the water, having filled the bath, shut itself off. "Oi, that's handy, that is." He grinned at Percy.

Percy nodded, "But really, you know what this place could use. A hot tub. Complete with water jets to massage your body, a shelf to place drinks on. Ow. I think I used muscles I never knew I had."

"Yes!" Oliver laughed again. "You're the teacher's pet, Percy, mention it to Dumbledore, why don't you." He sunk just a bit further into the water.

Percy smirked, "As long as you promise not to tell... I had been meaning to practice transfiguration this evening."

"All right!" Oliver was both excited and intrigued. "If anyone can do it, you can."

Percy smiled and hoisted himself out of the bath, picking up his wand he concentrated hard and put a two person hot tub sunken into the marble floor. The mermaid on the wall giggled at him before going back to combing her hair. Using a locating charm he found the nearest hot water pipe and connected it and transfigured a niche so it drained back into the pool. In moments hot water was coming through the jets and filling the tub. Doing a careful check to make certain he hadn't caused a leak or inadvertently cut off hot water from anywhere else, he waved Oliver into the tub. "After you. Tell me how it is."

Oliver stared, speechless. He ducked under the water in the bath and came up again, taking a second look at the hot tub. "Fuck, Perce, that's brilliant!" He laughed with glee and quickly climbed out of the bath and jumped into the tub. "Awesome!"

Percy slowly sank into the Tub and groaned, "We'll have to change it back when we leave but god this feels good. I'm surprised you Quiddich folks don't demand one for treatment." Percy settled down into his lounge shaped side. He was within easy arms reach of Oliver. He sat so he faced Oliver. From head to toe water jets massaged him. It was then Percy noticed one of the jets wasn't aimed at the small of his back, but at his bum. "Oliver, why didn't you tell me there is a jet squirting your arse? Do you want me to fix it?"

"No." Oliver blushed faintly, but grinned at Percy. "It's actually just fine right where it is." He shifted slightly and a blissful expression crossed his face. "Juuuuuuuust fine." His breath hitched.

Percy frowned at how Oliver was behaving. "All right." Percy shifted a bit so the jet wasn't at his bum. He lay his head back on a towel on the ledge and closed his eyes, just enjoying the feel of warm water on his muscles and skin. He really wished he learned conjuring already. He'd love a glass of pumpkin juice or lemonade.

Oliver reached down and grabbed his cock under the water, beginning to stroke himself lazily. "Hey, Perce," he said, smirking, "you ever wank?"

Percy lifted his head confused, "Do I ever... what?"

"Wank. You know." Oliver started stroking a bit faster, a bit harder, and he groaned. His eyes fluttered shut and his cheeks flushed.

Percy felt his cheeks flame as he realized what Oliver was doing. "I...uh... not really. No."

Oliver gave Percy a lazy look through half-closed eyes. "You should. Why don't you?"

Percy shifted uncomfortably, "For me, it's something that involves being alone and it's very hard to find here at school or with five brothers and a little sister."

"We're alone now." Oliver closed his eyes again. He sped up his strokes, the flush spreading from his cheeks down his neck. His breath started coming faster and he moaned.

Percy tried to look away from Oliver but the man looked just unbelievable. His mouth hung open and he had to sit on his hands to prevent them from straying anywhere. He wanted to reach out and... Percy stopped. He swallowed hard and just watched.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah," Oliver whispered. He stroked even faster, his other hand moving to cup and squeeze his balls. He gasped and arched sharply as he came, panting.

Percy shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He could feel his own cock responding but he refused to acknowledge it. Oliver seemed to know how to really enjoy himself. All of Percy's attempts were hurried and unsatisfying under the covers while he bit the back of his hand to keep from making noise. Percy cleared his throat as he watched Oliver just melt happily in the tub. "All right there?"

"Oh, aye," Oliver nearly purred. He rubbed a wet hand up his chest and let it rest at the bottom of his throat. "Much more than all right." His voice was thick with satisfaction, the brogue more noticeable in his lazy pleasure. He shot Percy a sidelong look. "If ye won't do that yerself, to relax ye, then at least let me rub ye down. Stiff and sore tomorrow, otherwise." He remained propped against the side of the tub, waiting for Percy's response. He'd get Percy relaxed, one way or another.

Percy blushed a bit. He really wanted a massage and for some reason Oliver's brogue made his spine tingle. "Er.. yes, thank you." Percy slowly got out from the tub, trying to hide his half hard cock. There was no need for Oliver to know. It was embarrassing. He carefully summoned the waterproof and towel covered mat that was kept rolled up on the side. Once it was in his hands he unrolled it and then lay down carefully on his stomach.

Oliver grinned and crawled out of the tub, moving to straddle Percy's arse. "Accio wand," he said, catching it neatly when it flew to him. He murmured a spell an older player taught him, one that conjured liniment, and began working the muscles in Percy's shoulders with his strong fingers.

Percy gave a deep groan and felt every muscle in his body start to relax. Well, except for near his arse and his groin. "Er... So. I need to ask you, Why aren't you out with some sweet something on Valentine's day?"

Oliver snorted. "When I could be out flying? Are you mental?" He moved his hands, working his thumbs into Percy's spine. "They all squeal, and they just bathe in perfume, and expect you to hang on their every word." He shuddered and started working his way down Percy's back, slowly. "No, thank you."

Percy chuckled, "I never recalled Charlie squealing much or bathing in perfume."

Oliver laughed softly. "But then, Charlie's not a sweet something, is he?" He sighed. "He's not mine, either."

Percy chuckled, "Only for lack of you asking, Oliver."

"Whatever." Oliver ducked his head as he blushed, even though Percy couldn't see him. He slid down to straddle Percy's thighs and began silently working the muscles in the small of his back.

Percy gave a deep heartfelt groan as his entire body just melted. "Good lord, where did you learn to do that?!"

Oliver grinned broadly but his voice was mild. "Around. Just takes practice, is all." He dug his thumbs into the muscle just above Percy's arse, then squeezed and stroked. "You doing alright, there, Perce?"

Nodding lazily Percy just gave a contented sigh. "You have fifty years to stop doing that, this is my final warning. This feels really good."

"You'll especially thank me in the morning, when you can get out of bed without wincing too badly." Oliver snickered and moved his hands just a tiiiiiiny bit lower, thumbs brushing the rising curve of his arse.

"Like you thanked me when you got your Owl scores back?" Percy asked with an arched eyebrow. When Oliver's fingers reached the curve of his arse Percy shivered and his hips rocked forward of their own volition. "Sorry."

Oliver's voice lowered in volume and tone. "You're fine." He moved his hands deliberately to cup the globes of Percy's arse, fingers squeezing and massaging the muscle there just as he had Percy's back.

Percy bit his lip to stop a groan and he fought against his body from thrusting into the mattress. His breathing began to speed up and his mouth went dry. Percy gripped the towel nearby and quickly crawled forward away from Oliver's hands, covering his lap with a towel. It did extremely little to cover up the evidence of his arousal. His cheeks were flaming. "I... I'm sorry. I'm.... I..."

"Shhhhh." Oliver smiled gently. "I said, you're fine. It feels good, so your body reacts, Percy. It's completely normal." He extended his hand. "C'mon back, you aren't finished."

"I...uh... Think for both our sakes I am done." Percy felt his face turn as red as his hair. "It really doesn't feel normal. Besides you really don't want to see me like this."

"No? What did you think I meant when I asked you let me play with your snitch, Percy?" He raised an eyebrow. "Let me at least get your legs. You really will be too sore."

Blinking owlishly, the room was suddenly too bright. "I thought you were kidding about that!"

Oliver shook his head slowly and started to crawl towards Percy, his expression almost predatory.

Percy felt as if he was a bug pinned to a cork board. "Ol...Ollie. Are you sure you... I don't want to be a substitute for Charlie."

Oliver stopped short. "You aren't a substitute for anyone, you git. This is completely about you. Percy. Not Charlie, not even me."

"Well, you are here, so this has to involve you right now." Percy stammered out. "Un... Unless of course you feel like leaving."

"Not necessarily." Oliver started moving again. "But I only meant that the focus is you. Helping you feel brilliant. And I'm not going anywhere."

Percy reached out and touched Oliver's shoulder. His fingers traced along the skin there. "I don't know how."

Oliver sat next to Percy and stroked his face. "That's why I'm here. Just trust me, Perce. And for god's sakes, let me finish your legs. I wasn't kidding about the sore muscles."

Nodding and slowly crawling back into place, Percy laid down and tried to relax. He thought that nervousness would be gone at this point. However the knots only doubled. He didn't want to disappoint Oliver. Fully intending to do to Oliver what Oliver did to him, Percy lay beside the hot tub and waited for Oliver.

Oliver sat next to Percy and began working one of his thighs. "I won't do anything you really don't want me to do, Percy. Just say so." He focused on the task at hand, fingers lingering only slightly. He worked quickly but efficiently, loosening the muscles of one leg then starting on the next.

"I know Ollie. I trust you." Percy sighed in relaxation. "I am just nervous, that's all. After the massage, do you think we could..er... relax in the hot tub?"

"Sure, Perce. Nearly done." He finished Percy's leg, then moved up and, beginning at the small of his back, Oliver worked up Percy's spine slowly one last time. He smoothed his hands over Percy's shoulders and sat back. "Roll into the tub now." He swung his legs over the edge and slid in himself.

Percy managed to muster the strength to get his jelly like muscles to ooze into the tub. He felt hands guide him in so he was sitting next to Oliver on Oliver's lounge like area of the tub. He felt a shiver travel up his spine at the touch. It wasn't often someone other then himself touched him for something other then medical treatments.

Oliver kept his arm around Percy's shoulders, turning in to nuzzle at his neck. He pressed a kiss to the warm skin behind Percy's ear and slid his free hand slowly up Percy's thigh under the water. "Just relax," he murmured. "And tell me if I do something you don't like, and I'll stop. Okay?"

Percy nodded. He felt as if the insides were suddenly filled with a few hundred butterflies. He honestly didn't know what to do. Did he close his eyes or keep them open? Did he ask for what he wanted or was that considered rude? He opened his mouth a few times before closing it again. He felt alone and reached out to hold onto something and ended up having his hand lay against something that definitely wasn't Oliver's thigh. "I'm sorry."

Oliver grinned. "Oh no, that's just fine." He moved his own hand to mirror Percy's accidental touch. Much more deliberate, he curled his fingers around the hardening shaft instead of jerking his hand away. He kissed the curve of Percy's jaw and began to slowly stroke his hand over Percy's cock.

Percy felt his eyes roll to the back of his head as he let out a groan from deep in his chest. It felt unbelievably Good. His own hands were one thing but this... this was something else. His hips wanted to move in time with the strokes. Biting his lip he reached out, deliberately this time and wrapped his hand around Oliver's own cock. It felt... odd. In a good way but still odd. It was like his and yet, not. He gave it a feather light stroke to feel it then ran his thumb gently over the head, feeling it.

Oliver's breath hitched then he exhaled on a soft moan. "Mmmm, that's good, Perce." He again echoed Percy's movement with a light easy stroke and a swipe of his own thumb over the head of Percy's cock. "You can show me what you like," he offered softly, "and I'll do to you what you do to me. Or we can do it the other way 'round, and you do what I do." He nuzzled at Percy's ear and murmured, "Or I can just do you. I already came once." He kept lightly stroking Percy as he talked.

Percy was slowly losing his mind. That had to be it. In between strokes Percy heard Oliver asking about which one would go first and what they'd do. If Oliver kept this up Percy would likely lose it before it it went for too long. "A....act..ually I... I want to explore a bit first."

"Okay." Oliver grinned, letting go of Percy with one last stroke. "What do you want to do first?"

"Get a better look at what I am doing. Tap my head if you want to talk to me or to stop." Percy replied automatically. He reached for his wand, quickly cast a bubble head charm and went under the water. He floated in the hot water and took a look at Oliver's cock. Using his fingers he lightly explored every millimeter with his fingers. Then while it was stroking the cock, Percy used his other hand to gently explore Oliver's balls. Slowly and lightly, touching the skin before holding them in his hand to feel them.

Oliver threw his head back and gasped, opening his legs and grasping almost desperately at the edge of the tub. Somehow, the need to hold still, to let Percy explore him without interference, added an edge to the pleasure Percy was giving him. He opened his legs even wider and bit his lip.

Percy frowned a bit as he continued stroking Oliver. He was hard and it felt a bit like his. Well, this wasn't so bad. It was losing its scary strangeness and taking on a lovely combination of familiarity and interesting differences. The hand that was toying with Oliver's balls moved to touch, very gently, the area underneath before gliding under to feel that firm arse. He began to vary the speed and firmness of his strokes, making it completely random. Sometimes stopping for a few moments before beginning again. Finally after what Percy thought was enough teasing, Percy found a rhythm and firmness that he thought he heard Oliver moan the loudest to. It had to be loud with the water rushing past him from the jets.

Oliver couldn't feel his fingers anymore, he was holding the edge of the tub so hard. His hips were twitching in spite of his determination to hold still and he was moaning and whimpering so loud he was sure old Mcgonagall could hear him clear down in her office. He couldn't stop the noises, either. Who knew how arousing it would be to be the focus of Percy's intent concentration? Once Percy found a firm and steady rhythm Oliver gave up, letting his hips thrust up through Percy's grip. "God, oh god oh god," he groaned. "Oh yeah... " His voice degenerated into obscenely needy noises again.

Percy felt Oliver begin moving with his strokes and smiled. He felt a lot better now, knowing he could return what Oliver was offering to him. He tried to pick up Oliver's rhythm and match it. He concentrated on doing what he thought he'd like. Firm steady strokes. His free hand he used to feel that nice arse of his. Why hadn't he noticed what a good seat Oliver had before?

Percy's hand on his arse was the extra bit of stimulation Oliver needed. He arched up sharply and stopped breathing altogether as he came, his entire body stiff and shaking.

Watching Oliver come under water was a fascinating experience. He had done it himself a lot but he never was this close to watching it. Percy kept up the strokes, until Oliver's orgasm finished. Then he stroked him through it, growing more and more gentle as Oliver's body relaxed. Finally when it rested back against the seat in the tub Percy moved his hand from Oliver's cock to his stomach and came up to the surface. Percy smiled at Oliver but didn't say anything. He rested his head on Oliver's shoulder and waited patiently.

Oliver lifted his boneless arms and wrapped them around Percy, bending to press his lips to Percy's hair. "Thanks," he said. His voice was hoarse and low, and he cleared his throat. "Give me a second, yeah?" He laughed. "You're very good at that, it's quite an act to follow."

Percy chuckled, "How about I see if the last prefect remembered to restock the supply of muggle root beer while you re-coup?" Without waiting for an answer Percy got up, wrapped a towel around his waist, got some knuts from his robes and walked to the other side of the pool. Tapping a wall with his wand it slid back to reveal a medium sized Mr. Tiptwissle Evercold box. After getting two sodas out of the box Percy put the knuts into a can by the box before making the wall come back. He slid back into the water beside Oliver and handed him an open soda.

"Thanks again," Oliver grinned and drank in long thirsty swallows. He finally stopped, resting the cool bottle against his cheeks with a slow smile. "Do you want to finish yours first?" He waggled his eyebrows at Percy in an exaggerated leer.

Percy shrugged as he placed it down on the floor near the edge of the tub. "I don't think I can. Mine is half frozen. I'll have to wait while it thaws." Percy lay back with his head against the head rest.

Oliver set his next to Percy's and settled down next to Percy, making himself comfortable. Since he was right handed, he'd held his drink in the same hand he now wrapped around Percy's cock. He felt the shiver run through Percy as his cold fingers touched skin. "Don't worry," he murmured. "It'll warm up right quick." He rubbed his thumb over the head of Percy's cock in slow circles. Anchored by his head on the side of the tub, he let his body float in the warm water, curling his legs around one of Percy's to keep them below the surface.

Percy gasped as he felt someone else's thumb along his cock. "Oh sweet Circe!" Percy gasped and his eyes flew open. His hands searched for something to hold and found nothing. All he could do was lay there in the water while Oliver did things to him.

Oliver smirked at Percy's reaction. He'd get more out of his reticent friend before they were through. He began to slowly, slowly stroke his hand down and up the long shaft, not gripping very firmly. His other hand crept behind Percy's back. His fingers teased at the top of Percy's crease.

Percy started breathing really hard and deep. The soft gentle touches were threatening to rob him of his sanity. He wanted to move against something but he really couldn't. The water jets around him were a hundred phantom fingers all over his body. The finger near his crease caused something inside him to twitch. "Ollie?" Percy's voice was pleading. For what he didn't really know.

"Percy," Oliver murmured. He tightened his legs around Percy's, pulling it closer to his body. His hand started to stroke a bit faster, squeezing on the upstroke, and his other fingers slid down into Percy's crease, stopping just short of his hole.

Percy blinked and shuddered as his hips started moving with Oliver's strokes. He shut his eyes tight and fought against the desire to just let go. "I...I'm..."

"C'mon, Perce," Oliver urged, "it's okay." He stroked faster and let his other hand slide further, the tip of one finger pressing firmly against Percy's wrinkled hole. He leaned in and licked a broad swipe up Percy's throat. "Come."

Percy took a last gasp in and felt every muscle lock into place. The world around him fazed out a bit as his orgasm hit. His hips jerked uncontrollably and his breath was gasping in time with it. Finally it stopped and Percy felt every muscle release its lock and he turned into a happy floating pile of goo. He turned his head to look at Oliver. Lightly and shyly, afraid he'd get pushed away, he brushed his lips against Oliver's. "Is it considered rude if I thank you?"

"Nope. I thanked you." Oliver shrugged and kissed Percy back lazily but thoroughly, coaxing his lips open and exploring his mouth with firm strokes of his tongue.

Oh, now this is a perfect way to end it. Percy stroked Oliver's tongue with his own before chasing it back into Oliver's mouth. He could still taste the root beer on his lips. When they broke apart Percy looked at Oliver and felt a small thread of sadness enter into his being. If only he wasn't fixated on Charlie.

Percy coughed to cover up his change of expression and went to get their sodas. "You were right. It is a lot more fun with someone else."

Oliver stretched and yawned. "Course I'm right." He grinned at Percy. "I'm always right about this sort of thing, Perce." He shuddered as he reached as far as he could, arms extended to their limits above his head and even his toes pointed. He collapsed as he relaxed and floated bonelessly, the water moving him slightly as the jets continued to pulse. "That was brilliant all around." He felt wonderful.

Percy chuckled, "I agree. Shall we soak for another half hour then consider heading to bed? It will be close to curfew and heard the male Gryffindor prefect is a real nut buster."

Oliver snickered. "He is, he's a right prat sometimes, but I have it on good authority that he can really let loose when he tries." He rubbed his hand over his chest. "Yeah, sounds good. I don't think I want to move for a bit anyway."

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