January 13th, 2006

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Percy & Oliver – Oliver’s Rooms – Computer – ADULT CONTENT

It’s the simple things in life…
January 13, 2006 – Evening

Percy Weasley smiled as he knocked on Oliver's door holding a bottle of Scotch from near Oliver's home and wearing one of his new sets of robes. He tugged nervously on the folds just a little bit. The Merlot colored fabric felt light weight and soft against his skin. He figured that if he kept doing what he was doing he'd keep having things happen the exact same way.

When the door opened Percy held up the bottle and smiled, "I bring tidings of joy and good will."

Oliver grinned and opened the door more widely. "Well, bring your tidings all the way in. Did you have a good break, then?" Oliver gave Percy a slightly puzzled look as he brushed past him. Percy looked different somehow, but Oliver hadn't quite put his finger on it. Not yet. He would though, he was sure, he just had to think about it.
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