December 16th, 2005

Slytherins don't forget. They get even.

Theo & Blaise ~ Blaise's Rooms ~ Incomplete

What Did I...?
Friday, 16 December, 2005 - Morning

Blaise woke up to what felt like the percussionist for the Weird Sisters in his head. That was, of course, his first clue that something had not gone properly the night before. He remembered getting it into his head that he could sleep just fine on his own, and then trying to drink himself to sleep. Something about writing in his journal. And penning a letter to send with Hermes...

Oh. Oh, no.

The blankets and pillows all smelled faintly of Theodore, which meant that Blaise hadn't slept alone, but he was fully dressed, so he hadn't done anything too foolish. Well, other than that. Thinking carefully, Blaise remembered opening a bottle of something that someone had given him a while ago, drinking a lot. He remembered sitting in his chair by the fireplace. Theodore came to see him, too, and...

And Blaise drew a complete blank.

Sitting up slowly, eyes covered by his hands, Blaise tried to remember if he had any hangover remedy anywhere, but he doubted it. Pepper Up and headache potion would do, though.

"Bloody hell," Blaise murmured, glad that the students left this morning for the holiday.
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Oliver & Percy – Percy’s Rooms – Complete

Oliver in the Dumps
Thursday, December 15, 2005 – Evening

Oliver was staring at the clock across the room. He wasn't exactly sure how long he'd been staring, but he knew it had been around five when he'd sat down. It was after eight now. He'd missed dinner, but he wasn't really hungry. He shook his head and pushed himself back away from his desk. Maybe Percy had some fire whiskey. Or plain Muggle scotch. It couldn't hurt to ask, and he didn't want to be alone right now. He left, locking his rooms behind him, and moved quietly past Charlie's rooms. He pointedly did not look at the closed door.
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Percy & Theo - Diagon Alley - Complete

Cash or Credit?
December 16, 2005 - evening

Percy stood outside of the children's shop frowning for a good five minutes. What does one get a little girl for whom all you know is that she likes the color pink, cookies and girly frocks? He was never a little girl himself so he had no idea what Abby would like. He stared at the little pink wizarding music box. It played brightly colored crystals which contained music and stories. Did Abby already have one? If not, would her parents want her to have one? Besides, just because he was acknowledged as her uncle by Ron doesn't mean Ron would even want him getting a present for Abby this Christmas.
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