December 2nd, 2005

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Percy - Oliver - Prefect Bathroom - Complete - Adult Content

Oliver Teaches Percy a Lesson
February 14, 1993 - Percy and Oliver's Sixth Year

Percy groaned in pain as he pushed the door open on the Prefect's bathroom. He was covered from head to toe in cold mud, bits of grass, snow and sand. He didn't even look as Oliver tramped in behind him, looking remarkably put together for someone who had been playing Quidditch for two hours. Well, Oliver played Quidditch, Percy mostly fell off his broom. He closed the door behind them and locked it, marking it occupied.

Slowly, Percy began stripping out of his clothes, "Do us a favor, Ollie, and turn on the water?"

Oliver waved his wand at the bath, starting all the faucets at once, Collapse )
Internal battles.

Theo and Blaise ~ Slytherin Dorms, Sixth Year ~ Complete ~ Adult Content

More Than This?
15 October, 1996 - Evening

Blaise was lying on his back, mind a hundred miles away from the revision that he'd given up on and dropped to the floor. Instead, he stared up at the canopy of his bed, insulated from the world by closed curtains, and thought about what most teenage boys thought about; sex.

Only Blaise wasn't thinking about just sex. He was thinking about sex with his best friend, the person he trusted above anyone else in the school. Their experimenting over the past few weeks had brought some interesting results - and some bloody funny ones, too, when they didn't quite coordinate just so - and Blaise had been thinking about them more and more lately. He was only sixteen years old, and he knew his mother would likely scoff at it being a valid decision without enough cross-experimenting, but Blaise was beginning to think that he might prefer boys, even if Hannah did feel good under his hands. And not only boys, but one in particular, and that thought was always what sent Blaise's thoughts skidding off into the comparatively safe realm of hormone-induced fantasies. It was fine to want to do things with his best friend, but if Blaise's mother, an intelligent, grown adult, couldn't maintain a relationship for more than a handful of months, what hope would he have of doing any better?

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