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Percy and Cedric - Cottage- Complete

On The Mend
Afternoon ~ Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Percy walked slowly from the bathroom back to the couch. He was under strict instructions from his doctor to only do as much as his body felt capable of. Yes, it was all right to move about since that was how he'd gain his strength back, but too much would make recovery time longer. One week at home, resting. No work. No stress. No worries. After a week, he could return to work but it would likely be on a truncated day, slowly increasing his duties back to normal. He three different medications to take on time and was to eat what foods his stomach felt like he could handle.

Once back at the couch he sat down and looked around in his blankets for the book he had been reading. After finding it he looked up to see Cedric was watching him. Percy gave him a smile, "Not ready to play Quidditch quite yet."
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Percy and Cedric - Various; Hogwarts & London - Complete

In Sickness and in Health
Sunday, October 8, 2006 - evening

Percy felt his muscles tremble as he walked from the bathroom to the couch. He had a fever, the thermometer told him so. Sometimes he felt himself burning up and he'd throw off the blanket around his legs. Then an hour later he'd feel chilled to the bone and would wrap the blanket around his body. He had been laid up at home all weekend and unless a miracle happened, he didn't think he would make it to work on Monday.

It felt like it was the flu. He was sneezing a bit, a little bit of nausea, raspy cough and a raging fever. Nothing that some over the counter fever-reducer and cold medicine couldn't handle well enough to let him feel mostly human. Collapse )

Percy/Cedric ~ Cedric's Office/The Cottage ~ Complete

Facing Oneself
Friday, Early Evening ~ October 6, 2006

Cedric was closing files and setting them aside in preparation for going home. If he was lucky, Percy would be home today for the weekend, and if not, they had planned to at least have dinner together. He looked up when his office door opened and Percy stepped in. Instead of the smile he was used to, he was greeted with a pale, unhappy face instead. "Alright there Percy?"

Percy stood in the doorway, feeling stunned. Memories about the truth of himself kept flickering past his mind's eye. It was like looking at the life of someone he didn't recognise. But it was him. He did those things. His mind had started to build defenses against this terrible truth, saying he was broken at the time, he did what he thought best at the time, but those rang utterly hallow. His mind grew quiet and just watched in growing horror. It was like watching a train wreck.

"I'm a real arse." Percy said, his voice sounding rather far away. "They were right. Every single one of them. I'm a complete and utter smeg head." Collapse )
Kiss me goodnight

Bill/Oliver ~ Their Rooms ~ Complete ~ Adult Content

Facing the Morning
Thursday, 28 September, 2006 - Morning

Oliver nuzzled at Bill as he woke, torn between a smirk - because he knew Bill was going to be miserable when he woke - and the unhappy expression that kept tugging the corners of his mouth down. Bill was so hurt by Percy's thoughtlessness, and yet Oliver knew it was going to hurt Percy to learn how much he had hurt Bill. Still, hurt or not, Percy needed to know.

Another nuzzle and Oliver carefully crawled out of Bill's arms, walking nude into the loo. There was a potion in there that Bill was going to desperately need when he regained consciousness. Relieving himself since he was there, Oliver washed, found the right bottle, and went back to Bill, just as carefully crawling back into his arms and settling there. Where he belonged.

It was a slow and painful process, waking up, but not nearly slow enough for Bill to be able to ease into the idea of not only having to face the morning, but having to face it with a horde of Goblins striking coins behind his eyes. He groaned, stomach rolling unpleasantly, feeling like a complete git for getting so pissed.

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Bill and Oliver ~ Their Rooms ~ Complete

I'm Going to Be There For You
Wednesday 27 September, 2006 ~ Evening

Oliver was whistling softly under his breath as he headed for home, and Bill. He was later than usual, because he'd been helping the Ravenclaw quidditch team during their practice, and he was eager to be with Bill and relax after a day without him.

He opened the door and called out, "Honey, I'm home!", laughing at how terribly domestic they'd become. The laughter died as Oliver felt Bill's brooding from across the room. Taking a closer look at his lover sitting on the couch, Oliver realised Bill had a bottle tucked under his arm and a glass half full in one hand. "Bill?" Oliver asked tentatively, dropping his satchel next to the door absently. He walked carefully to the man he loved, heart already aching over Collapse )
On the sands

Bill and Percy ~ Bill and Oliver's Rooms ~ Complete

Getting advice is free, Taking it can be expensive
Wednesday, 27September, 2006 - afternoon

Percy wasn't really certain when a good time to stop by and talk to Bill without Oliver being about. It wasn't that he wouldn't want Oliver's advice or input on this. This was just the sort of thing he wanted to just talk to one person at a time about. He had rather hoped he'd hold together a lot better then this. It had only been a few days since he told Cedric how he felt. Yet, the suspension of what was going to happen was eating him alive inside. He needed to have someone tell him his fears are unfounded, prove it too him solidly and give him a good metaphorical kick for good measure.

He waited until a time he knew Oliver had office hours but Bill was likely to be done with work before knocking on Oliver's door.

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Theo/Blaise ~ Their Rooms ~ Adult Content ~ Complete

Love You, Need You, Please Come With Me
Evening ~ Thursday, September 28, 2006

Left cuff rolled up to prevent unnecessary smudges and stains as he worked, Blaise was drew the last few bold red slashes through incorrect information, and then pushed the papers away with an irritated noise. Honestly, he had no idea why he'd thought teaching would be a rewarding job. It was almost as though his students had gotten more dense over the summer, which was truly an accomplishment in some cases.

Blaise turned his head left and right, trying to work out some of the kinks in his neck, fairly thrumming with frustration. Perhaps he could convince Theodore to run away with him, Blaise thought fancifully. Leave students and marking and these jobs far behind, and just spend day in and out at their leisure. Smiling softly, Blaise leant back in his chair and closed his eyes as he pictured the fantasy. Collapse )
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Bill/Oliver ~ Their Rooms ~ Complete ~ Adult Content

Pillow Talk
Saturday, 23 September, 2006 ~ Early Morning

Oliver stretched, sliding his body lazily against Bill's as he slowly woke up, knowing Bill would, as he nearly always was, be already awake. Humming softly, Oliver said with a grin, "Thank god for Saturday mornings," and coaxed Bill flat so he could drape himself over Bill's chest, bending to press a kiss to Bill's chin, the curve of his jaw, his ear. "Just three more weeks," he murmured, unable to keep the smugness out of his voice even Collapse )
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Bill/Oliver ~ Their Rooms ~ Complete

Setting the Date
Friday, 22 September, 2006 - Evening

With Kingsley's letter folded and on his chest, Bill stretched out on the couch as he waited for Oliver to get home. The wireless was on, playing softly; it was just enough for background noise, not much more. Eyes closed, Bill smiled dreamily and absently tapped the edges of the letter with his long, slender fingers as he hummed. Now that there was a potential date, Bill found himself looking forward even more to getting married. He stretched, cat-like, and relaxed further into the couch, humming softly.

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Cedric and Percy - Cedric's Cottage - Complete

Confessions are good for the soul
Saturday September 22, 2006 - Evening

Percy had made the decision as soon as he stepped across the threshold of the Cottage on Friday night. It had been a very long day at Hogwarts. He had been several hours late due to unexpected last minute detentions. He had arrived to seeing a plate kept charm warmed for his dinner and Cedric listening to the wireless while reading. The fire was crackling in the fireplace and was the main source of light in the room. Percy took one look at Cedric and knew he had to tell the other man.

He had been rather quiet most of the day, pretending to read but really turning the pages without seeing the words. He had found himself staring at one page for over an hour, not comprehending any of the words on the page. Meals had been subdued as over and again, Percy opened his mouth to say something but found the words caught by the knot in his throat. Collapse )